Lisa HickeyLisa Hickey CEO of Good Men Media Inc.

Orin Hahn has a wealth of ideas, which become the starting points of writing that is compelling, thoughtful and professional. During his time as writer and Editor for The Good Men Project, he has helped us grow and adapt to change—with strong contributions, business savvy, and strategic thinking. He enjoys being a part of a team and looking at all sides of an issue; and he is unflappable in difficult situations.

Jamie Norcott Jamie Norcott Interactive Operations Manager at The Walt Disney Company

Orin is an intuitive Powerhouse. He connects in with what you desire, is able to see you fears & blocks coming up, address them in a prideful not pride spattering way, and be sensitive to you and your needs. He is far beyond his time, and can progress and expand in his work more quickly and fully than the average intuitive bear. It’s a Pleasure and an Honor to know…more

Christopher Carter SandersonChristopher Carter Sanderson Director, Dramaturg. at Emerging Artists Theatre (EAT) 10th Annual New Works Festival (NWF)

Orin is a deep thinker and a great communicator, and I do not confer these accolades lightly. In difficult situations, Orin provided patient assessment, consistent, proactive work, business guidance and did it all with a great attitude. Orin delivered on his commitments to my start-up and remains a rock-solid source of useful perspective and actionable advice. I recommend…more

Lynne Powell Lynne Powell Real Estate Agent at Keller Williams

I went to Orin when I was in a crisis, virtually paralyzed in panic and indecision about a situation that I was facing. Orin was there for a phone conversation that was, in a word, remarkable. He is an amazing listener with excellent advice. After just one conversation, I was left with, for the first time since this whole debacle started in my life, a sense that I can…more

Paul Schaeffler Paul Schaeffler Tech PM – Enterprise Integration Architecture at Montclair State University

What do you want? 
Thats Orin’s starting point, determining what your spoken and unspoken goals are. 
Then he works with you on strategies to achieving these by wearing both good cop and bad cop hat
that touches on motivation, alignment and sequencing of goals , setting priorities, and building focus.
Coaching may not be for everybody, but if you think you need it or…more

Sabra Sasson Sabra Sasson Owner, Sabra Law Group, PLLC

Orin is simply … amazing. I always looked forward to our coaching sessions. I just knew that whatever “issues” I was dealing with, he would be able to help me talk through them and figure out what the next steps were that I needed to take. I knew that after speaking with him, I’d be ”unstuck”, I’d feel better, empowered and ready for whatever lies ahead on my journey. Orin…more

Alex Merced Alex Merced Education, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Social Media

If your looking for insight on tools on how you can take actions to achieve goals and develop yourself, Orin is someone you should consider spending some time with. His ability to put things into perspective so you can take the reigns of your own life and take it to the next level are immense and should be exploited by anyone with a idea in their head or a hope in their heart.

Iviva Olenick Iviva Olenick Freelance artist, curator, textile designer, art instructor and writer

In a preliminary conversation with Orin about working with him for personal relationship coaching, Orin quickly put me at ease with his compassionate, gentle manner. He listened carefully to my concerns and provided sensitive, practical guidance. I highly recommend him for this type of coaching.

Izzy Khachewatsky Izzy Khachewatsky IT Consultant at Compuforce

Orin has the ability to reframe an ostensibly bad situation into an amazing one. He is authentic, substantive and the love and appreciation he feels for you is real... so real that you might not be accustomed to being bombarded with so much love and understanding. He is a balm to be applied to a sore and aching heart. I highly recommend him.